To be recognized as an organization directed under the lineament of the ethics and quality frame, centered in our country and the neighboring countries where we have a presence, with a high sense of commitment for social and environmental responsibility. Our purpose oversteps frontiers, leaving a print of pride, emotion, love and the passion for what we do, perpetuating in the time to be the leaders of innovation, consistency, detail, based in honoring the rules of the business.



The ethics and conduct code, presented as follows unites the corporative principles and values of Plazoleta Bazzani S.A.S. in the daily development Of our business.

It is our acting commitment to excel in our business, employees, clients, and providers in all the process of the company internally and externally. For everyone, it will be our code of constant relationship and the window of commercial presentation worldwide.

The norms and guidelines are part of the lineament of our business allowing us to maintain a working relationship according to what it is stipulated — it is our duty to let every one of the interest groups to know this code. Moreover, they also maintain procedures that permit the total compliance of every framed ítem.


For Plazoleta Bazzani, S.A.S. is of vital importance to promoting the respect of human rights. For all the people involves in the business activity in an integral, harmonic and ethical way. These fundamental rights framed in human dignity, now recognized in a universal level where their effective fulfillment results in the worth of each human inside of the Organization — protecting the people from being exposed to any diagram that put their integrity at risk, mitigating all the negative consequences inside the laboring process that would be against the already established rights.

Our philosophy aims to the protection of our environment in an environmental, social level and a combination of values perpetuated in our communication with every one of the authors of the process Partners, Clients, Employees, and Society, the central axis of the human rights code is the first frame of reference. Plazoleta Bazzani S.A.S in the face of the ethics and conduct code commits with the disclosure, respect, and compliance for it. Knowing the acquired responsibility reaffirms the determination in each process guaranteeing the conditions that allow a working timetable by the criteria of the law, and benefits that revolve in the Colombian legislation — allowing a working space without slavery, forced labor or any outline where human rights would seem violated, where discrimination and political, religious, moral and /or genre beliefs are not allowed.


Plazoleta Bazzani S.A.S, will supply the principles that guide the conduct and alignment of development of each labor with clients, providers, stockholders, government entities, in front of a society involving the environment partner.


2.1.1 Evitar acciones inapropiadas a la consecución de los objetivos propios de la Unidad de producción Plazoleta Bazzani S.A.S To avoid inappropiate actions in the search of objetives typical of the production unity of Plazoleta Bazzani S.A.S.

2.1.2 To avoid actions that affect the tranquility, peace and healthy coexistence between working for internal and external groups.

2.1.3 Watch over the actions in an ethical way from the staff that works for the organization in each of the working spaces.

2.1.4 Maintain a good reputation and confidence that allow competitive and sustainable advantages for the business.


The current ethics and conduct code involves all the workers of the organization.


4.1 Legality Compliance of our legal norms.

4.2 Communication constant with the internal, external clients by the criteria of respect, listening , through the communication channels.

4.3 Equality Avoidance of any discrimination, by genre, marital, status, age, race, religión, physical appearance, different opinions, politics, social condition, language, sexual orientation, nationality, pregnancy or physical discapacity. Not allowing any action related to violence, verbal, physical, psychological abuse, sexual harassment and inform immediately to human management or the suggestion box.

4.4 Equity action media 12And Justice acknowledging the diversity of criteria and supplying an environment of credibility, tranquility, and respect suitable to promote the equality in the inside of the organization.

4.5 Transparency recognizing the value of supplying trustworthy, transparent, concrete, correct and timely information for the proper knowledge of the processes relative to the stockholders, investors and interest groups, contractors, third parties.

4.6 Confidentiality protect the information of the workers, stockholders, clients, suppliers — third parties giving adequate treatment to the reserved information .

4.7 Client Satisfaction all our processes will be focused on the satisfaction and earning the loyalty of the clients.


5.1 The Organization

Every employee has to know the different policies and proceedings established in the organization as a control system to prevent, identify,

Offer a solution and monitoring and monitoring the various risks that have an impact on the business activity. Acting in good faith, loyalty, and diligence looking after the interests of the organization. Applying the values and principles described in this code duly informing the immediate management of any irregularity that threatens the business. Being respectful in the behavior and communication in the facilities a with internal and external clients and contractors. Giving a good use of the facilities, with the information systems according to permitted systems. Respect the human resources as one of the principal axes of the organization, maintaining the relationships under the listening, valuation of diversity and equality frame to be Heard, to communicate and be listened, producing an atmosphere of security, tranquility and labor projection. Maintaining clarity in the working team in the private and labor part, where the tools, working and developing zones inside the organization are part of it. Looking after the protection of information and communication derived from economic compensations as salaries, benefits and others that can be generated, guaranteeing that this issue is led exclusively by the área assigned by the organization.


5.2 The clients – providers – stockholders – investors and/or others

It is in our interest to pay attention, in a timely manner to novelties presented by third parties head-on to any intern or external process, showing irregularity facts that could go against this code of conduct, the same way as against the legal requirement that is established in the county’s legislation focused in anti-fraud or anti-corruption. As the business, they will be aligned per our code framed in service, honest, fair and equitable looking for the point of balance for both parties. Supporting a just competence based in the process of impartial and transparent selection, supported by a Priceline, quality, rentability, and service always giving compliance to the internal policies. Our commitment is directed to making reliable and well-substantieted decisions of the business, under honest and transparent criteria and transparency to everyone.

5.3 The nation

The commitment is framed as a representation of our country at an internal level as to the countries where we have presence , integrating the morality and principles from our ethics code and in accordance to all the current legislations, promoting good practices, distanced from any illicit process, bribery or drugs, looking after so that all the processes are regulated under the legal frame of our country in compliance to internal and external policies, with a constant communication agreement giving a timely answer to demands, contributing with the proper authorities, providing information according to the needs.

5.4 Environment and community

Value in accordance to the corporative lines. Giving labour stability to Looking after the protection of the social environment, providing a sustainable growth, that fortify the excellent policies in our country looking after our natural resources, responsibly taking care of the social needs of the community where we have a presence, our commitment is focused so that our business actions favor a better planet allowing an optimal development for future generations. Working with responsibility from the source at the beginning of each process generating the employees and not allowing the recruitment of underaged and without any kind of discrimination of race, politic beliefs, religious, age or genre.

5.5 Business operation

We are keeping our brand high as a symbol of our country’s commercial system.

It is committed with effective processes, with a proper administration of resources, austerity in each of our business, supported by reliable systems, guided by worldwide standards, with improvement commitments in the internal and external processes, including contractors. Looking out for the use, asset protection of the organization productively using them, minimizing waste and generating an ideal working environment in tidiness, order, and cleanliness, ensuring that all the assets and tools that the company acquires are in good shape — admitting each discovery program, innovation, tools, machines generated inside the operations a process with direct relationship with your work ar propietary of the company. Promote a cultural organization framed in the health and security of everyone adhering with our original mold, action programs and follow-up according to the Colombian laws, supported in internal policies of compliance. Promoting programs of prevention and promotion of the worker and the working zones. Inside the SGSST and current norms. Maintaining and fortifying a financial system with credibility and trust in each of the organization’s operation, submission of accounting and financial reports in a reliable and transparent way, avoiding distorting the results, fulfilling the results under the current legislation, leaving a record that reflects the effectiveness of the business and the controls at the same time — reporting any irregularity that presents as fraud in the control or financial records. Maintaining a good use of the own information, as the information provided by third-party providers, internal and external clients guaranteeing the necessary measures for the compliance related to the protection of personal data and the policies of internal security manuals. Control and protect the personal information, confidential and the enquiry is of an exclusive use of the operation. It is known that the wrongful management of sensitive information stipulated in the manual has internal and external legal severe sanctions. The confidential information cannot be used for profit or own benefit even if they are directo r indirect. It is forbidden that in a direct or indirect way to make payments or bribes to any third party or the competent authority with the purpose of influencing any decisión that helps the business, to gain wrongful support inside the financial operation. It is forbidden to take part in any activity that could be understood as bribery, extortion or corruption. The workers in a directo r indirect way have to act in a honest ethical way avoiding to generate interest conflicts the collaborators and their own.


6.1 Compliance of principles and values of the organizational commitment in front of the code of ethics begins in each process maintaining as the principal Axel the outlining of this code,

6.2 Expense austerity will be assumed in accordance with the necessities of the organization as much in the development of the operation as the organizational developments. It isn’t supported that any gain exists for an employe as a result of an authorized expense.

6.3 Business assets the organization will put tangible and intangible assets for the exclusive use of the organization process and each of the employees will see to the care of them while they are in their charge for their roles.

6.4 Legal issues It will be reported to the área of human management any news in the case of having legal procedures as arrests, appearance with a judge, charge or sentence of any crime.

6.5 Business relation The established procedure has to be fulfilled for third-party contract

6.6 Information disclosure. You can’t divulge information, codes, passwords without the previous inverted authorization,

6.7 Attributions The assigned functions have to be fulfilled under the institutional policies in accordance with the process, product amount and kind of operation

6.8 Facilities Give good use to the facilities

6.9 Transparency Present real documents to the company avoiding the presentation of false information that alters the condition of it.

It is of obligatory compliance to inform or report suspicion or signs of infringement of this ethical and conduct code that risk the goods and internal and external security of all the people active in the business. The inbox of suggestions can inform this news or directly to the administration of the organization with the general management


The staff that breaches the code and ethics manual stipulated by our organization will be subject to the procedure of unfulfillment to the internal policies, which will be developed inside the disciplinary process in the head of the área charged.


The commit of ethics formed by the general management and the human management will be responsible for managing any novelty or complaint that presents in the face of noncompliance of the lineaments stipulated in the code, policies, and norms that regulate this code. Equally as the norms that rule the company.


9.1 Communication media. The organization through the different tools of communication that they have will broadcast the policies, training, email

9.1.1 Communication tools. Equally leaving the communication channels as the contact phone 8911919 ext 122 – 115 official emails cbazzani@laplazoleta.com accepted by the chamber of commerce.